Let’s go for a Drive

I came home from work last weekend and I had a strange desire to pack the family in the car and just go for a drive.

At the point in time when I was having the urge to just go, there was really no destination and no time constraint on were we could go except for work in the morning. I told the kids that they need to get ready so that we could leave.

The misses and I needed to get ready as well. After about a half hour or so of everyone getting ready, I had an idea of where to go.

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Hello I am Mark The Mangonedad

I am so happy that you took the time to have a look around on Mangonedad.com.

My name is Mark and Mangonedad.com is my personal blog where I am able to share my thoughts and some of my adventures in parent/fatherhood along with gaming/cooking/travel/outdoors/family.

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