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Save your self the headache and maybe be the hero and save the day for your kids – always have a back up for your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or.

I know growing up I had my favorite stuffed animal that I still have to this day and I could not image how I would have felt if I lost it.

When I had kids, I did not know if they would become attached to anything like a blanket or stuffed animal to the extent that not having it around would cause unforeseeable meltdowns.

I got lucky with my son but my girls on the other hand, let’s just say we are glad we were able to find what was lost.

Monkey Toes, when she was younger, left her Beanie Baby hippopotamus at a Sprint store. Unfortunately we had gone to 2 different stores that day and I was not able to tell which one we left it at. The worst part was that we did not realize that hippo was missing until bed time and the stores were closed already. Needless to say that was a long night.

Me and the misses did some research to find a replacement and let’s just say the price was not pretty. We were able to call the stores we were at and one had found it, thank goodness.

Fast forward 7 years and we could not find Squeak’s baby, a pink zebra from Carter’s, after going out for the day with the family.

Once again we tried researching to find a replacement and that particulate style was discontinued and we were having difficulty just finding it on Google.

Thankfully, again, we were able to find the stuffed animal, this time at home.

I would suggest that if your kid has a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or blanket – buy a back up. You never know when tragedy will strike and you will lose the item or it gets destroyed.

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