Let’s go for a Drive

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I came home from work last weekend and I had a strange desire to pack the family in the car and just go for a drive.

At the point in time when I was having the urge to just go, there was really no destination and no time constraint on were we could go except for work in the morning. I told the kids that they need to get ready so that we could leave.

The misses and I needed to get ready as well. After about a half hour or so of everyone getting ready, I had an idea of where to go.

Me and the Misses had gone camping up at Canyon Lake before and I remembered they had a lake side dinner at the marina. I thought it would be cool to take them up there and have dinner next to the lake.

I jumped on their website to check their hours (they fluctuate throughout the year) and found out that they offered bags to feed for the ducks and the carp after dinner, which would be a neat treat for the kids to do.

Driving out of the valley and up in the canyons through winding mountain roads had the kids puzzled as to our final destination. After the continues asking of “where are we going” we told them to look out their windows and see if the can find any animals.

It kept them quite for a short period of time and we were even able to see a grey fox cross the road, which made their day (or at least the drive better).

As we made the final curve that relieved the lake to the kids I could hear the excitement build in their voices.20160223_151700

The kids could not stop pointing stuff out and asking what people were doing. It was great for them to see something other than the structures of normal city life.

When we pulled in to the marina parking lot the energy in the kids was building up to a boiling point and we had to keep them from running off and jumping in the lake. We walked in to the diner and asked to sit outside on the patio to get a view of the lake and watch the steam boat launch for a dinner cruse around the lake ( we have gone on the dinner cruise it is amazing) .20160223_153838

We ordered our food and the waitress brought the kids some bags of feed for the ducks and carp. They had such a great time and the smiles on their faces lasted all through dinner and the car ride home.

To top off a great dinner and evening out with the family the bats came out and were feeding on the bugs in the air as we were walking out to the car. I have to say the for me that was the coolest part, I had never seen bats out in the wild like this before. Over all a short 30 min drive and a reasonable price dinner the whole family had a great time and we were home in time for bed time.

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