A Day Fishing with Grandpa

A day fishing with grandpa title

A Day Fishing with Grandpa

I have to say this put a huge smile on my face. Being able to take my kids out fishing with my dad is an amazing feeling.

I remember growing up and every time that my family would go on vacation or a trip my parents always made it a point that we tried to go fishing. I loved that opportunity to spend time with my dad side by side fishing. Looking on it now I wish i could do it more but life gets in the way some times.

Recently it worked out that me and my dad had the same day off and the kids were out of school, so we took them fishing.  I think I was more excited then the kids were when it came to going fishing with my dad. Just to play its safe we took the kids to one of the local parks that had a pond with a play ground just in case….

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