Cave Tools Stainless Steel Kabob Set Review

Shrimp hot from the grill

Shrimp hot from the grill

Thanks to Cave Tools for sending me out their Stainless Steel Kabob Set to try out. Not only did I not have a Kabob set but I was supper excited to try out a recipe I had found on pinterest, so this was perfect timing.

When I first opened up the box I noticed that the Kabob skewers were flat which looked odd to me. Until I started putting the shrimp on the skewers I noticed that it keep them from rotating or shifting as I slid the next one on. This made it very easy to ensure that all my shrimp were facing the same direction which was very handy.

With the skewers being made out of stainless steel I did not have to worry about burning them on the grill or having to soak them in water before i use them….

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